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We deliver cost effective alternatives and equitable valuations for insurers, dealers, and most importantly your policyholder.

What we offer:
Insurance Services

Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement

iAutoConnect has developed a cost effective alternative to the current methodologies by providing fair and equitable valuations for insurers, dealers and most importantly your policyholder. Our on-line tools are designed with ease of use in mind when submitting, retrieving, reviewing and storing all your valuation requests securely and within Canada. Couple this with our industry savvy and outstanding customer service team for a truly seamless experience.

We engage with the selling dealer in order to accurately identify the loss vehicle and its respective factory or dealer installed options and any additional services that may have been purchased. This acts as the baseline when the selling dealer is attempting to locate a replacement vehicle that is the same year or newer, same make and model as the loss vehicle and is similarly equipped if not better.

Our replacement valuations are based on “real steel”, meaning the vehicle is available for purchase through the original selling dealer. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have created with the new car dealers. They appreciate the manner in which we conduct ourselves and the fact that we do not shop their customers around to other dealers. In fact, dealer retention is so important to us that we conduct follow up calls to ensure that the original selling dealers retain their clients. As a result of this, we have seen monthly average sold rates hit as high as 67% and individual dealers hit 100% of all quotes provided by iAutoConnect.

Vehicle Replacement Services

If during the settlement process your policyholders’ wishes to explore alternative manufacturers or models, we can provide your policyholder with competitive vehicle replacement quotes on any manufacturer or model. This value added service is provided at no additional cost to you or your policyholder.

Lien Search

Lien searches are available by province or on a national search basis. Reports are entered on line individually and are retrieved and stored on line for 6 months. Reports are available in both languages and turnaround time is generally less than 5 minutes.

Plate History - Ontario

Identifies the current owner/lessor and address, VIN along with vehicle description, tag number and expiry date. Turnaround time is generally less than 5 minutes.

MVR’s (Motor Vehicle Reports) - Ontario

Provides a 3 year driving history.

CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports

Online access to the most extensive reporting tool for claims history, branding, police reported incidents, theft and US incident reporting.

Lease Portfolio Insurance Tracking


With the potential liability exposure in the millions of dollars, it’s no wonder we process over 800K VIN’s monthly through our various tracking system. We currently work with some of the largest OEM Manufacturers, Financial Lenders and several large independent fleet leasing organizations. Our findings for Canada are very consistent with 14% of all VIN’s checked are coming up with warnings for canceled due to non- payment, canceled by underwriting, coverage pending and no coverage detected.

Recently we have developed and launched a Web based application designed to search personal use vehicles and small commercial fleets called iValu (Insurance Verification Auto Lease Update). This application provides the same level of critical timely insurance coverage information for independent leasing organizations.


(Insurance Verification Auto Lease Update): This service is essentially a “pay as you play” product designed specifically for independent Leasing organizations. You simply enter a single VIN into our application and you will receive a one-page report. There is a one-time set up fee and a minimum monthly charge will apply.

VIN Portfolio Search

This service consists of running your entire VIN portfolio (personal use vehicles and small fleet up to 5 units) through the search engine every month. Each month you will provide us with a new list of VIN’s. We will process the VIN’s and provide detailed on coverage information. The cost will include a one-time set up fee based on portfolio size and a minimum monthly fee will be established based on portfolio size.


(Lease Management and Insurance Tracking System): This service is primarily geared for large portfolio’s or manufacturers. It is essentially outsourcing all inbound/outbound mail from insurers, brokers and the management of outbound mail to your clients. Pricing is a quote based on portfolio size.

New Vehicle Purchasing

How We Can Help

Buying a new car today can be a stressful and time consuming process for most consumers. Not knowing if you are getting a fair price, undisclosed charges and extra fees can all add up to a very frustrating situation. We at iAutoConnect take all the fear and frustration out of the buying process as we establish the final purchase price with the dealer based on your desired vehicle and options. We only work with the best dealers in your area which ensure a smooth and stress free buying experience.

Once we have presented you with the final purchase price, it’s your decision to move forward. No dealer will be calling you unless we have mutually agreed to move forward. There is no fee to you for our services as we only get paid by the dealer once the purchase is finalized.

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